StarCraft: a broken hero

by Benjamin Bächle

From the shadows of the past

the old dark pain returns, at last.

All the people who are dead

are crying loud inside my head.

I still try to eliminate

what I fear and what I hate.


They came from somewhere, very far.

They came to conquer star by star.

They came to destroy and kill

following an unknown will.

All I loved, it has been taken.

My life's a nightmare. I can't awaken.


In an hour, dark and desperate,

he arrived and turned the fate.

We followed him into the fight -

- he was hidden in the light.

We fought for humanity

'till he turned to insanity.


She fought with me side by side.

She fought with honor and with pride.

We stand together for our goal.

We just were like heart and soul.

'till we left her, let she fall,

'till our leader betrayed us all.


Billions of people have found the dead.

The ghost of past have conquered my head.

This fucking pain I want to eliminate

is what I fear and what I hate.

But somewhere little hope I see.

We are who we choose to be.