Star Wars: Slave for a lifetime

by Benjamin Bächle

Even as a child I was a slave -

but at least I had my dreams,

where I was a hero, strong and brave.

I didn't know, what hero means.


My saviours came from far away

and I helped them with my skills.

A part of me wanted to stay,

but I thought destiny fulfils.


They all were afraid of me.

I was a slave of fear, afraid of loosing.

A hero was, what I wanted to be,

but the reality was confusing.


My first Master had to leave,

but I could stay, become a hero.

It was what I wanted to achieve,

but my freedom was like zero.


I was the councils' puppet, nothing more,

not able to use my full potential.

A slave of doctrines without lore,

without the truths, which were essential.


My mother died, a war did start,

my love and feelings had to be hidden.

Everything did fall apart,

the things I wanted were forbidden.


She was all I had, why should I loose

the only person I needed to stay?

For her I made my final choose

and went a dark and painful way.


I became a slave of anger and of hate,

of suffering, violence and of pain.

For redemption it was far to late.

Darkness was all I could obtain.


A slave of the Jedi and Sith as well.

A slave of religions, governments and institutes,

of the Hutts, Republic, Empire and not to tell

a slave of the prophecy which now concludes.


Now I brought balance to the force.

Jedi and Sith, they both are gone.

I have been the good and evils' source. 

In death I get my freedom as the chosen one.