Jedi training

von Benjamin Bächle

To feel the force I will teach you.”

“Oh, that's great; I have no clue! “


Hear you nothing what I say?”

“No, you are to far away!”


Use the force and move that stone!”

“What are you talking, you old bone?

It can't be moved, it is to big!

Move my X-wing, move it quick!”


Move it I could,

but move it you should.

Size matters not -

well, not a lot.”


“Tell this Lea, she won't agree.

Big is what she wants to see.”


The princess you have too forget,

otherwise you will regret.”


“Well, I don't think so, but okay

I'll try to move that stone away!”


No, there is no try!

“Oh no, please tell my why!”


Do. Or do not.”

“Princess Lea is so hot.

But all right, Bro, I will do,

force, my buddy, where are you?”


Not use your brain, you must just feel.

Luminous beings are we, not stones or steel.”


“Now I begin to understand,

It's like yesterday, when I say 'bend,

bend down lea' – you won't guess!

I just felled the force, oh yes!”


Jedi Master I am hundreds of years,

but this young boy brings me to tears.

Practice alone! 

I will go home.”